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    1. Bank Accounts

    2. How To Read Your Bank Statement

    3. FSCS Regulation

    4. Overdrafts

    5. Bank Account Quiz

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Kristen Cunliffe

Senior Instructor

Kristen is a fully qualified and practicing Independent Financial Adviser and has over 20 years practical experience supporting clients with their financial planning objectives. Kristen is also a Certified Financial Coach and has qualifications in education & learning. She is a passionate advocate of financial education for all.

Nick Cunliffe

Senior Instructor

Nick is a qualified and experienced higher education professional and football (soccer) coach, as well as holding qualifications in Player Care and the care of Elite Athletes. Nick is hugely encouraging and believes that with the right support, there is no topic that young people cannot master. Nick is our inhouse guru on digital assets!

Lydia Beck


Lydia graduated from Newcastle University in 2022 with a First Class Degree in History and is responsible for answering the questions in the chatrooms in our online academy. Lydia’s excellent research means she is our expert in student finance, Income Tax in Scotland, and the different varieties of Stamp Duty as well as being experienced in budget planning and savings goals.